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Want to Automate Your Discovery Calls? Here's How!

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Many business and life coaches, and others who work one-on-one with customers and clients use discovery calls to help pitch their offers and close sales. Discovery calls are a powerful way to get more customers, but it can be time-consuming if you don’t develop a process that can be automated and replicated.

Build a Landing Page with Your Offer – Your first step is to build a page that tells your audience about your discovery calls and what’s included, and why they should set up a call with you. You can do this with your basic website pages, or inside your marketing automation software like Keap, or with landing page software like Leadpages.

Set Up a Questionnaire Via Your Scheduling Software – Using scheduling software like Acuity Scheduling offers you the ability to force your lead to fill out a questionnaire in order to set up their appointment, all without you helping in person at that moment. Most people will happily fill out a short questionnaire but remember that you are trying to qualify your leads, so don’t be afraid to ask questions that make them leave the form.

Develop Transactional Emails for Your Autoresponder – Now, set up some information in your autoresponder so that once they submit the questionnaire as well as choose their time for a call, they receive automated emails giving them more information and instructions. You can use your email autoresponder for this, and it doesn’t matter which platform as long as you check to see if the other software you’re using integrates. works with most.

Let Your Potential Customer Choose Their Time to Call – The scheduling software allows you to put the times you’re free. In fact, you can choose different free times for different types of calls so that you know when you get a call what it’s for due to the time and date.

Get a Dedicated Phone Line for Calls – Having a dedicated line or at least a unique ring will help alert you to the call. (Keap actually comes with a business phone line.) You’ll want to set up your calls so that your customers call you instead of the other way around as it eliminates the need for you to remember anything.

Read Their Questionnaire Before the Call – You can sign into the scheduling software to read the questionnaire, or you can use a tool like (Zapier to force the system to put the questionnaire into a special Dropbox or file on Google Docs.

Set Up Follow Up Information to Go Out Automatically – Once the call is finished, you’ll want other information to go out to your lead automatically so that you can close the deal if you did not already on the call. You can use tags and triggers within your autoresponder using IFTTT (If This Then That) or Zapier to make it happen automatically.

Discovery calls help you get more clients and close deals. However, due to the fact they can be time-consuming, it’s best to go in with a plan. Use the customer’s answers to the questionnaire to help guide your meeting in a way that showcases what you can do for them based on their needs.

Follow up as soon as possible within 24 hours after each discovery call with an offer giving them a few days to consider your offer but setting a deadline so that you can avoid overbooking yourself. This process works wonders for booking more coaching clients.

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