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The 4 Mistakes Coaches Make When Creating Sales Funnel Offers

Your sales funnel can be a highly effective tool for nurturing leads and building a relationship with your audience. The offers you include in your funnel will contribute greatly to its success. To reduce the time spent learning by trial and error, here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when creating offers.

Pitching Weak Offers

The biggest mistake a coach can make is focusing all their attention on the core offer and neglecting the smaller offers along the way. If your supporting offers are weak, they won’t effectively qualify leads or prime your prospects to purchase your core offer.

Plan and create each offer like it’s the core offer. Each offer should address a problem your audience faces and offer a solution. Each piece of content should provide value. This is what keeps the prospect tuned in and interested in future offers.

Not Bringing In Enough Traffic

Some coaches focus on building their funnel and loading it with great offers, but neglect the most important part – the lead magnet. Make it powerful, valuable, and relevant to your core offer. You want to cast a wide net, but you also want to attract the right people for your core offer.

Invest in SEO and research to find out where your target market hangs out online so you can reach them there. Focus on driving traffic to your sales funnel.

Focusing on Features, Not Benefits

When you have a great course or program to sell, you’re tempted to list all of its amazing features. After all, this is what makes it such a great product. But if you do this, you’re violating the cardinal rule of sales copywriting: “Focus on benefits, not features.”

Features describe qualities of the products. They tell you what the product does, its specs, the number of weeks it is, how often you meet, the number of modules it includes. Benefits describe how the product or service will change somebody’s life or the problems it will solve.

For example, the features of a time management program include checklists, templates, tracking, and alerts. The benefits of a time management program include regaining control of your time, getting more done, and freeing up time to do the things you love.

Not Paying Attention to Metrics

Many coaches create an effective sales funnel that brings in leads and turn them into buyers. If they have some success, they’ll often set it up and forget about it. But a good marketer uses their software’s metrics to monitor, get feedback, and constantly improve their sales funnel.

There may be a piece of content or an offer in your funnel that’s driving people out. For example, after purchasing your core offer, very people go on to buy your upsell.

If you’re just looking at overall sales, you may not even notice this. But if you’re watching metrics, you’ll see that you’re missing out on an opportunity to sell a higher-ticket item to a select group of clients.

Create Powerful Offers for Your Sales Funnel

Creating powerful offers for your sales funnel takes work and time, but if you avoid these common mistakes, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Want to learn more about how you can create powerful sales funnels? Let's discuss it in a complimentary strategy session. CLICK HERE to schedule a call.

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