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How to Redesign Your Website to Promote Your Webinar

No matter how great the topic of your webinar is, if people don’t find out about it, you’ll have no attendees. The majority of webinar hosts focus on paid ads, social media, email campaigns and so on, but forget about the most handy and effective tool they have: their own website.

When you start spreading the news about the webinar, your website should be a hub of information. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure none of your visitors leaves the website without learning about the webinar:

  • Add a sidebar to ALL your blog posts. All you need is a simple image and a CTA letting your blog readers know about the webinar.

  • Create a landing page. Each webinar should have its own landing page, no matter how many you host.

  • Add a reminder pop-up. Whenever someone wants to leave the website, show them a pop-up that says something along these lines: “Hey, are you sure you aren’t forgetting anything? Register to this awesome webinar and change your life”.

That’s it! These three simple tricks can double the number of webinar registrants. They’re not complicated or expensive – some of them you can actually DIY with the right tools.

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